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Returning Veterans Want More Than Thanks: They Want to Work

On Veterans Day, we thank living veterans for their military service to our country and remember the sacrifices of the fallen. But veterans of war are still returning home every day to their families—often with physical and emotional scars. What many of them want more than anything is to have their lives back, and that includes their jobs.

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5 Low Cost ways to Empower your Employees' Education

One of the most moving commercials on television right now is for McDonald’s. It’s the one where a young worker brings in a letter, which his manager snatches and reads aloud to the staff. When he gets to the words “…we are pleased…”, everyone bursts into applause. He’s going to college, and McDonald’s is helping him through its corporate educational grants.

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5 Tricky Etiquette Situations and How to Handle Them

As a manager you come up against tricky situations every day, and you know it’s important to handle them sensitively or you risk offending your employees or clients. Even the most experienced managers would be hard pressed to get these 5 situations 100% right, every time they’re encountered, but hopefully this advice will help empower you for the future.

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10 of the Most Successful Family Run Businesses

Money Grows on Family Trees

Over the last 50 years the face of modern day business has changed dramatically in response to improvements in transport, technology and a change in the way we communicate and interact with one another due to the rise of social media and the creation of the internet. However, one thing that has not changed is the dominance of family run businesses as economic powerhouses in the global marketplace. Family ties continue to prove beneficial in creating a successful business and budding business minds clearly seem to run in the family.

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Want Workplace Wellness? Face Your Workers’ Mental Health Issues Head-On

With regards to Mental Health Awareness Week, it's time to put a spotlight on an often overlooked issue in the workplace: Mental Health. In July, social media exploded after a software developer who suffers from anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder shared an exchange with her boss on Twitter. She had emailed him to say that she was taking a day or two off “to focus on my mental health.” In a response that went viral, her boss thanked her for her openness and wished her well.

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The 5 Personalities that will Make Businesses Run Smoother

One of the most daunting challenges as a business owner is building the right team around you. After all, it has been said that your employees are your best asset. (And whoever said that was smart).

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Inspire your Employees to Help. (They want to)

If this hurricane season has taught us anything, it’s that people will turn out in droves to help their neighbors in times of need.

Small business employers should be aware of this urge and encourage their workers to go out, pitch in and help. Workplace volunteer programs are a great way to get employees engaged with their fellow workers. This builds a community bond within the company that keeps workers happy, motivated and loyal.

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Top Tips for Developing your Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitches aren’t just for people appearing on Shark Tank. Any business owner should be able to describe their business and its goals in around 30 seconds.

After all, you never know when you’ll need to impress a prospective client or investor, convince a new recruit that your business is the one for them or just help someone understand exactly what it is your company offers (and why you’re the best at it.)

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Your Business: The iPhone or Android Challenge

Smartphones are now as much part of day-to-day business life as laptops and endless meetings. But which operating system is the best for the modern worker – Apple’s IOS or Google’s Android?

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7 Sure Signs That You're on the Road to Success

Small business owners are often too busy to see the woods through the tress – especially when it comes to measuring their own success. But these 7 signs will give you a quick guide as to how well your business is actually doing and if you’re on the much fabled road to success.

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