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Top Tips for Developing your Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitches aren’t just for people appearing on Shark Tank. Any business owner should be able to describe their business and its goals in around 30 seconds.

After all, you never know when you’ll need to impress a prospective client or investor, convince a new recruit that your business is the one for them or just help someone understand exactly what it is your company offers (and why you’re the best at it.)

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Your Business: The iPhone or Android Challenge

Smartphones are now as much part of day-to-day business life as laptops and endless meetings. But which operating system is the best for the modern worker – Apple’s IOS or Google’s Android?

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7 Sure Signs That You're on the Road to Success

Small business owners are often too busy to see the woods through the tress – especially when it comes to measuring their own success. But these 7 signs will give you a quick guide as to how well your business is actually doing and if you’re on the much fabled road to success.

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The Early Entrepreneurial Spirit of Famous Business People

They often say that you’ve either got ‘it’ or you haven’t, and it seems some of the world’s most famous business people were born with ‘it’, showing off their entrepreneurial spirit from an early age. As children or teens, many of these famous entrepreneurs had a flair for business, thinking up their own money-making schemes, starting up what would grow into million-dollar businesses or finding ingenious gaps in the market.

Some of the richest people in the world began making money for themselves as children, such as Warren Buffett who began doing odd jobs in order to save up enough money to start his own pinball machine business, and Richard Branson who saw a gap in the market and started his own magazine at 16 years old. Other famous business people who started young include Estée Lauder who took an interest in her chemist uncle’s company and went on to become one of the most famous names in beauty products, and Daymond John who started his first business while in the first grade! How about you? Did you have a flair for anything as a child and is that something you’re doing now?

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6 tools to help you write the best business plan

So you’ve had the idea that you hope is going to make your fortune - what next?

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Use Inspiration: Challenge your team

The HR industry’s been telling us for a while that money alone isn’t enough to motivate and engage employees. What works, then? In my experience, it’s about giving your employees a challenge, engaging and empowering them.

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4 businesses that have overcome tough times, and what they taught me

Fail faster; succeed sooner, as they say in Silicon Valley. Learning from those who hit the hard times so you can avoid expensive mistakes before they happen is also a good idea when it comes to succeeding in business. Here are four examples of businesses that made it through hardship and came back stronger than ever.

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How Social Media Can Make or Break Your Brand

In our increasingly digital world, social media is an important business tool. The far-reaching power of sites such a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, allows brands to interact with their customers, attract new ones and increase their exposure. However, as much as these sites have the power to build and make a brand, if not used properly, they also have the potential to break a brand. That’s why we’ve created our new infographic, which explores the dos and don’ts of using social media for business.
We’ve also uncovered the best examples of top brands that have mastered social media, such as Tinder and L’Oréal, as well as those who really should have thought twice before sending a tweet or posting to Facebook. Have you ever made one of these social media faux pas?

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9 Seattle women in tech who are defying the odds

According to Catalyze Seattle, the Emerald City is a hotbed for tech companies. Yet just 17 percent of all tech companies in Seattle are led by women. While organizations like TechStars Seattle are trying to fix this imbalance, there are women who are leading by example. And there’s no better time than Women’s History Month to celebrate how the city’s tech women are defying all odds.

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5 Tough Conversations to have with Employees

There are lots of amazing things about being the boss, but it does occasionally come with some downsides and, for me, these include having to have tough conversations with my employees. Normally I’m pretty informal and like to think that I get on with my team really well, which makes it even harder when I have to put on my ‘boss’ hat and have an official conversation with someone.

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